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Tortilla FAQ

It is recommended to separate the tortillas from the outside to the inside in a circular manner. Warm the tortillas in a preheated pan at medium heat (without oil or butter). Approximately 20 – 25 seconds each side.

Preheat the oven to 180 °C, spray some oil on the fresh soft corn tortillas and sprinkle with a bit of salt. Bake in the oven until they are crispy (for 10-15 minutes). Get them out of the oven, break in pieces.

“Mexican corn flour, water, salt and acid regulator calcium hydroxide. Due to the corn flour nixtamalization process, the product may contain tracks of calcium hydroxide. The corn flour is GMO free”

Yes, our the tortillas are made often made from 100% ground corn, which is naturally glutenfree. There are no ingredients added that contain gluten.

Let’s Salsa tortillas do not contain genetically modified ingredients. We have a stringent process of checks with our suppliers to ensure that all ingredients are GMO free.n

Yes, the tortillas contain no ingredients from animal sources.

No, they are allergen free.

The corn tortilla are available in 10cm, 12cm and 15cm. Different sizes are available on request.

The tortillas can be left at ambient temperature and consumable up until the date printed on the package, if unopened.

It depends on the handling conditions the product was exposed to. If you are not going to consume the whole package after opening it, wash your hands, remove the amount of tortillas required and place the remainder in an air tight container. The product should be consumed within 3 days under refrigerated conditions.

Keep in a dark fresh and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight. In case of being frozen, let thaw at room temperature

Freeze immediately and use within 12 months. Defrost thoroughly before use. Do not refreeze after defrosting.

The main difference between corn and flour tortillas are the main ingredient. Corn tortillas are produced from corn, whereas flour tortillas are produced from wheat flour. nnCorn tortillas are seen as more authentic, however, because corn has been a staple ingredient in Mexican cuisine for thousands of years. Wheat, on the other hand, has only been around since the Spanish arrived in the Americas and brought the crop with them from Europe.

Corn tortilla calories are considered to be healthier than flour calories because corn tortillas have fewer carbs, less fat content, and much more fiber.nCorn tortillas are a whole-grain food, and they offer a much higher quantity of vitamins than wheat tortillas can. Increasingly, you can find whole wheat tortilla products on the shelves too, which are a good source of fiber and a good bridge between corn tortillas and white flour tortillas.nCorn tortillas are also totally gluten-free, and celiac-friendly,.

Polenta and masa harina are both types of ground corn that can be prepared into versatile doughs. The corn used to make masa harina is nixtamalized; that is, cooked for hours and mixed with an alkaline ingredient such as ash or limestone. This process that has been used for hundreds, if not thousands of years in the Americas. It changes the flavor (deeper, more complex), makes the nutrients more available and also increases its viscosity.  has a deeper, more complex flavor.

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