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Handmade hot sauces that make you celebrate what you eat

We believe delicious food can only be made of trustworthy ingredients with care, love and dedication. We make our hot sauces out of natural and fresh ingredients. Each flavor has its own identity, origin and food paring.

Cooking with dedication

The fresh chili peppers, fruits, vegetables and herbs are fermented, cooked, roasted or freshly used to get that specific flavor. For example, the pineapple in the Explosive Pineapple hot sauce is roasted in the oven to caramelize. This way it gets that deep and sweet flavor. The hot sauce gets it’s spark of the fresh habanero chili peppers and ginger.

Real ingredients

Our sauces are made of fresh vegetables, fruits and herbes. We don’t use thickeners. For example, the Chill Jalapeno Hot Sauce is made of 70% of green jalapeno chili peppers. Other ingredients are onion, white wine vinegar, garlic and salt.

Natural preservation

The sauces are preserved by using centuries-old proven methods: the combination of low pH (by using vinegar) and pasteurization.

Kitchen Republic

We produce the sauces at food incubator Kitchen Republic, the home for starting and scaling food initiatives. It’s a shared space with other food entrepreneurs. We benefit of each other’s knowledge.

Ace&Tate custom hot sauces: Carrot Habanero and Sichuan Pepper Spray

Customized hot sauces

Let’s Salsa creates custom flavors and packaging. The flavor and design are inspired by the brand identity. Every sauce is created in a different way: together with the marketing department or in the kitchen with the chef of the restaurant.


For hand made glasses brand brand Ace&Tate we designed two specials. The first is a carrot based (because grandmothers always say it’s very good for you eyesight) modern version of Yucatans traditional carrot salsa. The second Ace&Tate special is a pineapple – sichuan pepper based hot sauce called Sichuan Pepper Spray.

Coffee Company

The Coffee Company wanted a spicy, oriental inspired ketchup to serve with their grilled cheese sandwiches. The awesome sauce The Saucesome derives it’s distinctive flavor from dried rawit chilis and salted black beans.

Louie Louie

Together with restaurant Louie Louie‘s chef we created the Louie Louiiieee hot sauce: in sea salt fermented habanero chili peppers with a hint of citrus. The drawing is inspired on the restaurant’s artwork.

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About Let

Let de Jong, the Let in Let’s Salsa, took a year off from her job as a designer to dedicate it to her other passion: food.

After some soul (and stomach) searching in Spain in 2015, Let decided that Mexican food was the way forward and promptly took herself on a Taco Tour in L.A., where street food is booming and the authentic flavors of Mexico’s various regions can be found all in one place.

On her Taco Tour, she was invited to cook with some of California’s most revered Mexican chefs – she learned how to make tacos, salsas and fresh tortillas, was up at 3am braising pork by an age-old family recipe, and had lessons in entrepreneurship, kitchen management and how to run a food truck.

She took all this knowledge and flavors back to Amsterdam to start her own taco truck. Every taco dish had his own specific salsa. Costumers asked where to buy the salsas and tortillas. That is how a love for Mexican food turned into a salsa and tortilla enterprise.


Celebrate What You Eat

After six successful years, Let and team Celebrate What You Eat magically crossed paths and immediately aligned on values. And since January 1st, 2022 Let’s Salsa officially became part of the label.

As Celebrate What You Eat, we believe the way food connects people and how flavors can favor your vibe, is something to be celebrated. And so we made it our trade to make you celebrate what you eat through the products we make, the seasonal tastings that we host, and through various activational events. Learn more via celebratewhatyoueat.com